Dead Space Remake Reveals Ishimura as Last Sample for 2021


Dead Space Remake: EA Motive has shared another Dead Space Remake update on Reddit, where it shows a bit of the USG Ishimura and how the spaceship’s worn look is being made. Unfortunately, this will be the last thing to be revealed about the game this year, according to what the post says.

The text was written by a representative of the developer who signs as CM_Ythisens. He says: “We’re working to make sure she (Ishimura) has the right level of wear and tear. For example, here’s a clip from the beginning of work in progress, showing some of the ways the team will give that worn-out look. to Ishimura.”

The developer emphasizes a lot in the post how important community feedback is, and because of that, they wanted to show a little of the game already to receive these comments and opinions. He points out that work is progressing and that things can be changed, and concludes by saying that we will see more news next year. That is, this implies that until the end of 2021 we should not see any more footage from Dead Space Remake being officially unveiled.

“We’re going to stay focused now on working on the game, taking some time to review all the opinions, theories and suggestions you’ve shared with us. in development!”


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