Dead Space Remake Gets Details On Development


Today (31), during a special broadcast, Motive Studios revealed more details about the development of Dead Space Remake, showing the initial stages and bringing the comparison between the original and the new.

The remake will use the designs from the original, however, with new elements to ensure more detail and realism (like lighting, Ray Tracing, etc).

Another point shown was the new body damage system. For example, some weapons will apparently be better for dismembering (like the Plasma Cutter), while others will have more ‘visceral feedback’ capable of tearing away layers of skin.

Plus, the gore will roll loose! Wounds will have a more realistic profile, reaching skin, organs and bones, and will even consider the angle of attack.

And to top it off, Isaac will be played again by Gunner Wright! However, the studio recognizes that the feeling of isolation and silence are indispensable, so the protagonist will only speak when spoken to or in a situation ‘where the moment of silence is awkward’.

So, what do you think of what has been shown so far? Are you excited for Dead Space Remake? Let us know in the comments section!

Dead Space Remake will be released for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, but no release date yet.


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