Dead Space: Official YouTube Channel Makes Changes After 8 Years


Dead Space: With three very interesting games, the Dead Space franchise looked like it really wouldn’t give any more signs of life, especially after the studio responsible for its development, Visceral Games, had its activities officially closed by Electronic Arts in 2017. Only a small one movement on the official YouTube channel of the series has already started to generate rumors everywhere.

Inactive for about eight years, the Dead Space YouTube channel made a change to their profile picture recently. This was enough for fans to begin to theorize a possible return to the franchise, whether with a new game or even the re-release of classic titles in a remastered way.

It’s really weird that EA came into the account just to make this channel change for no reason, but we’ll also only have some certainty in the coming weeks. Considering that the EA Play event is scheduled for July 22nd, chances are we’ll see something new being announced there.

Would you like to see the Dead Space franchise again? Let us know in the comments if you think it would be more interesting to see new games or remastered old ones!


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