Dead Space: new game will be a remake and will have no loadings


Dead Space: Despite the rumors, everyone was taken by surprise this Thursday (22) when EA announced that Dead Space will get a version for PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC. According to the developers, the game will not be a remaster, but a “completely new version of the original with the Frostbite engine”.

The information was revealed by Philippe Ducharme, Roman Campos-Oriola and Laura Miele, senior producer, creative director and chief executive of EA, respectively, in an interview with IGN of the United States. Responsible for the reimagining will be Motive Studios, the company that worked on Star Wars Battlefront II and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Campos-Oriola explained that the new title will use the original level design, but will use assets that were left out due to technical limitations at the time. According to him, especially in the 1st chapter this expansion will be clear. He also talked about the scope change.

“In terms of look, sound, gameplay, everything, we’re rebuilding all these assets. We are not making a port, we are not increasing the texture or adding more polygons. We’re actually rebuilding all these elements, filming all the animations etc.”.

The producer said that work is still in its infancy, but that the team has already managed to plan ways to make the most of the technology on the new consoles and PC. He argued that the project’s idea is to make “the immersion even deeper with a fully interactive experience”.

He also detailed that it will be possible to play the entire Dead Space without cuts, from beginning to end, without screen loading, which will be possible because of the SSD. This would even be an experience similar to the last God of War in narrative terms.