Dead Cells Receives New Content Update Making The Game Easier


Dead Cells is one of the funniest roguelike games released in recent years, but it’s also quite challenging. With that in mind, the 25th update released by Motion Twin and already available on PCs and consoles was called Practice Makes Perfect (or “Practice Makes Perfect”, in free translation).

In it, a new training room has been added, and some optional improvements have been made available to make life easier for those who haven’t been able to reset the game yet. According to the producer, “the powers will help you blow up everything on your way across the island”:

For those who are intimidated by the challenging Dead Cells bosses, the training room lets you take them on without compromise, even memorizing their attack and movement patterns. Also, you can now unlock unique powers called Aspects. They can, for example, prevent you from taking poison damage and being cured by gas!

In order to keep everyone from calling out too much, if you activate an Aspect, it won’t be possible to unlock trophies and achievements, so think about that before starting a run! Finally, the new map now highlights viable paths, as long as you’ve already completed the scenario at least once.

What did you think of this update? Will try new content on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One? Comment below!


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