Dead By Daylight Will Be The Next Free Game From Epic Games


Dead By Daylight: The Epic Games Store revealed, this Thursday (25), that will give away the game Dead by Daylight next week. The asymmetric multiplayer horror title can be redeemed between December 2 and 9 for PC.

The game developed by Behaviour Interactive was released in 2016 and pits a team of 4 people to survive against an assassin. To get out of the horror scene alive, the survivors can cooperate or act on their own (which decreases the chance of winning).

In addition to the difficulty with the clash with the villain, which is much stronger, each round generates a procedural (random) scenario. The element makes each game different from the other.

Besides Dead by Daylight, while True: learn() will be the other game given away for free by the Epic Games Store next week. Developed by, the title is of the simulation/puzzle genre.

The weird plot tells the story of a programmer who discovers that his cat is also excellent at programming. Therefore, it will be necessary to try to understand the cat to learn a little more about machine learning, neural networks, big data and artificial intelligence.

It’s also important to remember that, in addition to a huge promotion with hundreds of cheaper games, this week Epic Games is giving away theHunter: Call of the Wild for free. The hunting simulation genre game can be redeemed until December 2nd at 1pm.