Dead by Daylight: visual improvements coming in 2021


The Behavior Interactive studio informed, through a developer statement shared on Monday (11), that the new Dead by Daylight update will reinvigorate the entire game, correcting mechanics, adding gameplay elements, revitalizing the map look and bringing a new interface.

Among the killers, only the Clown will undergo a change in its dynamics. The novelty will be the residual antidote mechanics, a tonic that adds a 10% bonus to movement speed when thrown at a location on the map. The item will spread a yellow gas that will activate the buff as soon as someone passes through the radius reached, and will also work for survivors.

Without changing the speed, curve rates and acceleration, the update has a slight change in the animation of the survivors, who will perform actions in a fluid and realistic way. In addition, ranking rewards will be reused to reward more constant and dedicated players, receiving points based on the highest ranking they achieved throughout the month.

The Dead by Daylight HUD has been rebuilt from the ground up and will feature a new layout with the arrival of the update. Now, it will be possible to view the portraits of all the characters, a hook counter to inform who has already been captured and to show the progress of escape from the trap, and options to increase or decrease the font and size of the display information. Visual improvements are also planned and the Gideon Meat Plant and Crotus Prenn Asylum maps will have a new look.


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