Dead by Daylight Update Strengthens Wesker


A recent update for Dead by Daylight fixed a number of issues with the new Resident Evil killer, Albert Wesker, known in the game as The Mastermind. This new update makes the character stronger in some ways by eliminating some bugs that gave him a few unfair advantages. The update also fixes a number of other issues that have plagued Dead by Daylight for some time.

At the end of last month, a new part of the Resident Evil DLC for Dead by Daylight was released worldwide. The “Dead in Daylight” DLC called Project W introduced a set of new Resident Evil characters as survivors for the asymmetric horror game, as well as Albert Wesker as the new killer. As an assassin, Wesker mainly uses a knife and his Ouroboros tentacles for his attacks, mocking the surviving phrases from the core Resident Evil games. Now a new update has improved the character, giving him better tools for hunting survivors.

It was noted that Albert Wesker from Dead by Daylight requires practice to master the skill, but the basics are by no means difficult to understand. This new patch, however, will give players new tools to better pursue survivors. Buffs for Albert Wesker in Dead by Daylight increase the size of his survivor detection to trigger captures using his Virtulent Bond ability. The damage inflicted by Virtulent Bond will now be counted for the Chaser emblem. In addition to the updates, the developers have also fixed several issues that have plagued the character so far.

In the past, developers had to release fixes shortly after the release of new content. One such update, Dead by Daylight, mainly involved Silent Hill characters, in which bugs were fixed and characters were balanced. This new patch also fixes several bugs that gave Virtulent Bond’s abilities several unfair advantages. Up until the release of the patch, these errors allowed Wesker to grab survivors through thin walls and on stairs. After being hit with this ability, surviving characters sometimes crashed into environmental objects. The patch also fixes a number of other glitches related to infections and problems with sound effects that occur when using the ability. We hope that this patch will save players from having to face such unpleasant problems in the future.

The new addition Resident Evil Dead by Daylight was officially announced in early August, and at the end of the month it was released. The characters included in the DLC were Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers, as well as Albert Wesker as the new killer. Other Resident Evil characters such as Nemesis, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield have been included in previous updates. It is not yet known whether the developer will add any more characters from the franchise to the asymmetric horror game.

Dead by Daylight is available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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