“Dead By Daylight” Reveals a New Tech-Savvy Killer The Skull Merchant


Behavior Interactive has unveiled The Skull Merchant, a technologically advanced killer that will appear in Dead By Daylight in March.

On March 7, the Skull dealer (real name Adriana Imai) is the first “original modern female slasher” in Dead By Daylight and the first killer using modern technology. Using “Eyes in the Sky”, the Skull Merchant can use four drones to keep an eye on the survivors.

These creepy drones are made from the skulls of survivors, and Behavior Interactive says rival players will have to “strategize how to avoid and disable” the drones. See them in action below:

As for the background of The Skull Merchant, the studio shares the following description: “A wealthy, influential tech executive, she divides her life between aggressively buying and taking over small companies as her public persona and quenching her bloodlust under the guise of her alter ego. For The Skull Merchant, hunting is truly exciting. Planning to become a first-class hunter in the world of prey, she devotes her resources to finding worthy opponents to face.”

Along with the Skull Dealer, the 27th chapter of Dead By Daylight will also feature two new survivors, brother and sister Talita and Renato Lira. Hailing from Brazil, both will offer “unique teamwork benefits” that encourage survivors to unite.

The Shelter Woods map at MacMillan Estate will also be changed to show the presence of a Skull Dealer, with a new area called Hunting Camp. This area will reflect “both sides of Adriana Imai’s twisted world” with a quirky executive suite located atop a workshop “drenched in oil and blood.”

As for other gaming news, in anticipation of the release of Cocaine Bear in theaters next week, the official companion game for the film was launched.


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