Dead by Daylight: K-pop icon confirmed as next killer


The developer Behavior Interactive revealed on Tuesday (3) the content of the new chapter of Dead by Daylight, entitled “All-Kill”. According to the studio, the update will be inspired by the K-pop industry, bringing an icon of the genre as a murderer and its producer as a survivor.

After being responsible for an arson where all of his band members were killed, former NO SPIN K-pop icon Ji-woon developed a tendency towards murder, something that earned him the code name of The Trickster . In this way, the celebrity created his own modus operandi to kidnap people, record music with his screams and kill them, and everything indicates that the new survivor of Dead by Daylight, producer Lee Yun-jin – the main responsible for boosting his career. killer – will be the next victim.

To recreate the universe of the musical genre as faithfully as possible, Behavior Interactive counted on the collaboration of Kevin Woo, from the band U-KISS, and DJ Swivel, a popular producer in the market who has already participated in recordings with other Korean bands.

At the moment, the new members of the asymmetric multiplayer are in beta on the Steam test server, and should soon arrive in the game with an update of color blindness filters, new chat features and perk adjustments, mechanics and balancing some killers. .

Dead by Daylight is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, PC and Nintendo Switch.


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