Dead By Daylight: how to survive against draghi


Clowns, hillbillies, spirits and other horror characters fill out the list of killers Dead in daylight. Each brings new mechanics to the game. Some of them are simple, such as throwing the Huntress’s axe, while others are complex, such as the Doctor’s insanity-inducing electric shocks.

In the chapter “The Roots of Fear”Dead in daylight presented Drudge, a perverse fusion of negative thoughts and feelings of the whole city. This ugly Killer has several abilities, including the ability to teleport between lockers, leave a Residue behind and immerse the map in a Gloomy raid. It can be difficult for the unprepared to survive against Dredge. Here’s how to do it.

Block wisely

One of Drudge’s most important abilities is the ability to teleport between lockers. This ability gives the Killer considerable mobility, allowing him to easily move around the map. However, the survivors are not helpless before this force. Survivors can lock lockers, which slows down the drudge when exiting it. The mechanics are simple, but knowing when to block and when not is more difficult.

Dredge can pick locks in one of two ways: teleport to the locker and exit it, or hit the lock with his base attack. Both slow down Dredge, so some Survivors might think it’s a good idea to just lock each locker as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for the Survivors, each locker can only be locked once during the Trial. It’s a bad idea to just lock all the lockers that can survive, because there’s a high chance that Drudge will have a chance to crack the lock earlier, which means that the survivors won’t be able to slow down the killer when it really matters.

It is better to lock only certain lockers. In general, it is recommended to lock the lockers next to the generator running, as well as near the exit gate, so that it is easier to escape at the end. If there is a group of lockers and only one of them is locked, drudge is forced to teleport to the locked one first; therefore, it is recommended to lock only one of them at a time, returning later to lock the other one as soon as the previous excavator breaks the lock.

Don’t overestimate twilight

The more Dredge teleports, injures and hooks Survivors, the more the scale of Shadowy raids fills up. When it fills up, a dusky raid envelops the map, plunging the survivors into darkness and severely limiting their view. Although the Twilight Raid can be creepy and make the cycle difficult, especially if the Survivor is not familiar with the map, it is important not to overestimate the power of this force.

“Dead in daylight”, “. More importantly, there is something the Survivors can do before Dusk to help them get to the other side safely. It is very important to pay attention to your surroundings. Whether you’re traveling on a map or working with a generator, take the time to note the location of nearby escape routes and resources such as pallets and window arches. When the Twilight Raid comes, the player will have a good idea of where to run and where to look for a safe place, even if he does not see it.

Anticipate teleport

Dredge can use his teleportation ability in two main ways: outside the chase to find survivors, or during the chase to cut them off and injure them. The ability to anticipate when a dead killer will teleport in daylight and where he will go is a valuable skill that will help save the lives of survivors.

Whenever Survivors are near important objects such as generators, exit gates (after they have been connected to a power source), or hex totems, they should be wary of Dredge’s arrival, as the Killer will most likely check these areas for Survivors. During Twilight, Dredge can teleport much faster, so the survivors should keep an especially close eye on the Killer’s mobility, making sure Dredge doesn’t use his power to appear in front of them and cut them off.

Abandon cycles

When the dredger uses its power, it does not teleport immediately. Instead, he leaves the smoking Relic until he decides to teleport to the locker, disable his power, or teleport back to the Relic. Dredge can use his Remnant to strike at Survivors, chasing them in the direction of the Remnant, and then jumping back to him.

To avoid this, the Survivors can either touch the Relic (which will destroy it), or completely exit the cycle, running away and forcing the Killer to try to catch up with him. A survivor who knows when to give up loops will live much longer against Dredge.

Dead By Daylight is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.