Dead by Daylight Fixes Pyramid Head’s Butt in Update


Dead by Daylight: Patches and updates to fix all kinds of problems in games is a common reality in players’ lives, even more in a multiplayer title like Dead by Daylight. But the game’s latest update caught the eye for tinkering with a somewhat unusual part: Pyramid Head’s glutes.

Apparently, a clipping issue in the fabric of the Executioner’s clothing – as DbD calls the iconic Silent Hill 2 villain – made the monster’s ass look pretty stoned.

Fan criticism is that developer Behaviour Interactive would have “nerfed” the killer’s toned glutes, but game designers swear not. As soon as the Executioner made its debut in DbD, representatives of the game even said in an interview that they had never touched that part of the character before its debut.

Now, with the patch, the studio folks say again that they never touched Pyramid Head’s buttocks directly. Marie Claude Bernard told Kotaku that she sticks to what she said before, that nothing was ever “nerfed” there. “The fabric covering the Executioner had clipping issues that made his ass, well, totally stoned. We fixed that and it will be shipped in our next update on Tuesday” – said the dev.


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