Dead by Daylight: console / PC play now available


Dead by Daylight receives the long-awaited cross-game feature between consoles and PC. Now you can play with the rest of the community no matter where you are.

Behavior Interactive confirms it: Dead by Daylight has received crossover play between consoles and PC. In this way users of Steam, Microsoft Store, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch can play with each other no matter what platform they are on.

This functionality is extended to friends, where a cross list will be shared: invite users from other consoles to your game and add new ones regardless of where you play. Of course, details of the crossed progress have not yet transpired, although the study explains that it will do so “soon.”

However, being able to play games with computer users does not indicate that keyboard and mouse support has been included. You will also not be able to use or view the integrated chat. This feature is exclusively for the PC community.

Crossplay can be deactivated at any time from the settings menu. In the event that you are on the console and do not want to be at a disadvantage compared to those who use a mouse, you can continue looking for players from the same ecosystem. Of course, it is noted that the waiting times for matchmaking will increase.

Cross-play will not affect the mobile version, which works separately from the base game. Stadia will receive these upgrades as soon as the game is released on it. In the event that there is exclusive content from any platform, users of others will not be able to access or view them. It works the same way as the Call of Duty: Warzone Combat Packs on PS4. Those skins are not visible on Xbox One and PC.

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Dead by Daylight is the asymmetric multiplayer hit from Behavior Interactive. Since its arrival in 2016, little by little it has grown to gather a faithful community. The numerous tributes to the legends of terror on the big screen and in the video game are a regular feature in its offer of downloadable content. The last to arrive was Silent Hill.


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