Dead Boy Detectives: HBO Max To Produce Series Based On Work by Neil Gaiman


Dead Boy Detectives: Neil Gaiman’s works will continue to gain prominence in the streaming! Recently, HBO Max announced that it will adapt Dead Boy Detectives, a comic book collection created by the British writer. The work is derived from Sandman, who in turn will have a series on Netflix produced by Gaiman.

According to what has been released so far, who is behind the project is Steve Yockey, famous for having developed The Flight Attendant directly for the platform of WarnerMedia. Also according to the international press, Yockey was also in charge of writing and producing the pilot episode alongside Jeremy Carver, creator of Doom Patrol, who will act in charge of the executive production team.

Additionally, producers Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden are also involved in the initial planning of the series. Filming was scheduled to begin in November this year, but no director has been hired so far, as well as the main cast. Certainly, some names must already be under investigation, taking into account the established deadlines.

Dead Boy Detectives: Learn about the new HBO Max Original Series

In the Dead Boy Detectives plot, young Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine form an unlikely pair. Although they are already dead, they decide to stay on Earth to form their detective agency and solve several grotesque crimes.

For the conception of the narrative in the comics, Gaiman had the collaboration of artists Malcolm Jones III and Matt Wagner, introducing the characters in the edition number 25 of Sandman, published in 1991. Besides Morpheus, the dramatic arc in which they were inserted still are Death and Lucifer — who will soon end their exclusive series on Netflix with Season 6.

In addition to this production, Gaiman announced that filming for Sandman had already been completed on Netflix. On Amazon Prime Video, the book Os Filhos de Anansi will be adapted soon, with Delroy Lindo in the main role.

So stay tuned for all the news and don’t miss any of these firsts!


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