De María Bello as Sloane’s death sealed for this episode


Season 17 episode 20, Arizona, ensured that the latest NCIS list came to light, paying a moving tribute to the lives lost during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The popular long-running NCIS is expected to continue to begin with the three episodes that were expected to air with the end of season 17.

The star of the hit movies Prisoners and Lights Out, Maria Bello is one of the most recognizable names in the current version of the NCIS show, and fans have often speculated that her time on the series is coming to an end.

As NCIS approached its 400th episode, a gigantic milestone for the series, the fan community once again began to predict that Sloane would find her missing before the end of season 17.

There are still hints that Maria won’t be staying for long when the series finally returns. The purported details of her contract with the show confirmed that Maria would only film three seasons of NCIS, making season 17 her last.

With the stories of the final three episodes of season 17 still under wraps, NCIS viewers have theorized that the finale could feature Sloane’s death.

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