D&D’s Spelljammer allows Druids to transform into giant hamsters


The upcoming Spelljammer: Adventures in Space set for Dungeons & Dragons will give druids the ability to transform into giant space hamsters as part of their Wild Shape ability. The setting of the Spelljammer D&D campaign debuted in the late 80s as part of the second edition of D&D and is known for its strange concepts. Spelljammer is a place where ordinary sailing ships are enchanted so that they can fly in space, bringing adventures on the high seas to the stars.

Spelljammer had some elements of cosmic horror, with mind eaters, beholders, and neogs acting as terrifying alien overlords in the darkest corners of space. There is also a lot of comedy in Spelljammer, for example, the gnomes of Krynn from the Dragonlance campaign build dilapidated ships from parts that barely stick together. These same dwarves are responsible for breeding giant space hamsters D&D, which are used for meat and to run in giant hamster wheels that provide food for some casters. There are also miniature breeds of giant space hamsters that are indistinguishable from ordinary hamsters.

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Giant space hamsters return to D&D in the game Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, where they will be described in the book Boo’s Astral Menagerie, named after the most famous space hamster of all. Players will be able to keep giant space hamsters as pack animals, or perhaps encounter a wild wandering horde of hamsters in some alien world (and yes, horde is the name of a group of hamsters). There are some players who can advance a bit in their perception of the giant space hamster in Spelljammer.

D&D: Spelljammer Adds Giant Hamsters to the repertoire of Wild Druid Forms

At a recent press event dedicated to Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, D&D designer Chris Perkins revealed that druid characters can use their Wild Shape ability to transform into giant space hamsters. This means that giant space hamsters probably have a CR of 1/4 or less, based on the current Wild Shape rules in the Player’s Book. The idea of a giant space hamster may not seem too intimidating, but keep in mind that they are the size of a brown bear, even if they are still hamsters.

Chris Perkins: “Space hamsters are unique to D&D, as far as I know, there are no space hamsters in any other space sci-fi fantasy, and they are ours, and hey, you can have one as a pet. They’re actually really cute and friendly for the most part, unless you make them angry. (..) And if you’re a druid, you might be very happy to turn into one, maybe.”

In fact, there is another sci-fi setting that has space hamsters, since Commander Shepard from Mass Effect can buy one. However, everything goes back to D&D, as the space hamster from Mass Effect refers to Boo from the Baldur’s Gate series. Giant space hamsters are returning to D&D, and druid players can get behind the wheel of one of them to unleash the rage of rodents in wild space.


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