D&D players can now fight with Vecna thanks to the free D&D Beyond update


Dungeons & Dragons players will now have a chance to fight the legendary Vecna, which is mentioned in the Vecna Dossier, a free update available for D&D Beyond. Only the most powerful D&D sides should try to confront Vecna on the battlefield, as he is one of the most powerful D&D villains of all time and can tear adventurers apart with a single word.

Vecna has attracted worldwide attention since he inspired the eponymous villain from the last season Very strange cases. The version of Vecna from D&D is very different, as he was an incredibly powerful wizard who turned into a lich before becoming a demigod and then a true deity. Vecna hails from the world of Ort from the Greyhawk campaign setting, where he once brought nations to their knees with his magical prowess. The most famous aspect of Vecna is his two missing limbs, which themselves have become incredibly powerful artifacts. The Eye of Vecna and the Hand of Vecna are two of the strongest magic items in D&D, but their use will inevitably lead to the owner losing his soul because of Vecna.

Vecna is currently a god, which makes him inaccessible to most D&D parties, but now players can meet him face-to-face at the peak of his career before he lost an eye and an arm. D&D Beyond added Vecna Dossier for free download, providing a block of stats for the lich at a time when it could be defeated. Vecna’s dossier also includes a brief history of his stay on Orta, the growth of his empire, and his ascent to divine status.

Vecna has a danger rating of 26 in D&D 5e, which means that even a group of level 20 characters will fight against him. This version of Vecna is not overloaded with spells, but has some incredibly powerful abilities, including Flight of the Damned (creatures in a 120-foot cone must pass a Physique saving throw with Sl 22 or take 8k8 damage and be afraid of Vecna for one minute), Rotten Fate (one creature in a 120-foot radius must pass a Physique saving throw with Sl 22 or get 8k8 damage, turning into zombies at death) and a Nasty Teleport (teleportation within 30 feet as a Bonus Action, hitting enemies in a 15-foot square causes 3d6 psychic damage, which restores 80 hits of the Century). Vecna also has Legendary Actions, including a Terrible Counter-Spell that instantly disables a spell of 4th level or lower, and 5th level or higher receives a saving throw. If the spell fails, the caster takes 3d6 psychic from above.

It is unlikely that the group will survive the encounter with Vecna, but Vecna’s dossier sets the stage for using him as a villain in the campaign. He may be a deity in one campaign setting, but the D&D multiverse is a large space, and the manifestations of Vecna may be trying to create a foothold in another world, where he will face the opposition of adventurers. Dungeons & Dragons players who have an extra $262 can also buy a massive creepy resin statue of Vecna to scare players when it falls on the map.