DC’s New Superman Proves One Character Could Save DCEU


Warning: Contains spoilers for Superman: Son of Kal-El #12!

The new DC Superman proves that the DCEU can still be saved if a certain character appears in the franchise — and this four-legged friend still has enough time to appear. The famous Superpace Crypto is a long—standing minor character in the Superman franchise and a fiercely loyal ally of the Man of Steel. In Superman: Son of Kal-El #12, Crypto proves its usefulness for history, as well as a lot of drama.

The series “Superman: Son of Kal-El” revolves around Jonathan Kent, son of Clark Kent and the new Superman of Earth. While his father is in space (actually captured and imprisoned on Warworld), Jonathan solves the problems of the 21st century by confronting corporations, fighting natural disasters and climate change, and marching hand in hand with protesters and activists. . He has already made many friends and a new terrible enemy: President Bendix, the imperious ruler of the island state of Gamorra.

In Superman: Son of Kal-El #12, written by Tom Taylor with illustrations by Cian Tormey and Ruairi Coleman, Superman and his boyfriend Jay Nakamura discover a conspiracy involving President Bendix and Mr. Henderson, a United States senator. Senator Henderson organized the release from prison of a superhero who subsequently attacked and almost killed Jonathan and Martha Kent. The senator protests against his participation and begins to say that he acted against his will when Crypto starts growling and his eyes glow bright red. A few seconds later, Crypto hits the senator against the wall of the rotunda of the US Capitol building using his thermal vision.

At the moment when the public is wondering whether Superman’s evil dog committed the cold-blooded murder of a United States senator, Senator Henderson rises from the ground, monstrous alien tentacles grow out of his body. Bendix controlled the senator all this time, and only Crypto could smell trouble. This heroic moment of levity is what the DCEU (Warner Bros. film franchise) sorely needs. infamous for being dark and harsh), and Crypto also added a bit of drama whenever Superman couldn’t control his dog, as shown at the end of the issue. .

There are many well-received films in the DCEU, but the franchise has not yet reached a mass audience like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A character like Crypto will help; Superman’s dog with all his abilities is popular, strong, loyal, but still remains an animal, and Clark (and Jonathan) will be held responsible if she attacks others without warning, be it a senator or an ordinary citizen. Superman’s Dog Crypto is the best hope the DCEU can bring levity and humor while remaining an action franchise, and the comics prove it.