DC’s new Shazam is officially a Flop (but her partner is Perfect)


Mary Bromfield, also known as Mary Marvel, began her new career as Shazam in the DC Comics miniseries The New Champion of Shazam, and after only three issues, it has already gone off the rails. After a catastrophic mistake, her legitimacy as a hero is in question, but at least she has a talking rabbit to help her get through it all.

Mary made her debut in Captain Marvel: Adventures #18 by Otto Binder and Mark Swayze. She was an important ally and sister of the original Shazam, Billy Batson, for 80 years, but now everything has changed. Having lost her powers, she tried to lead a normal life, but nothing is ever normal for Mary. Her plans were disrupted by Hoppy the rabbit, who informed her that she would become the next Shazam. Since then, it has not been an easy transition for the new hero. Having made a huge mistake, and when the Internet turned against her, now she must find the strength to ignore the doubters and save all the missing residents of Philadelphia.

The new Champion of Shazam #3, written by Josie Campbell featuring Evan “Doc” Sheiner, will go on sale in October, but AIPT has unveiled an exclusive look at the new cover for the issue by Sheiner, Jen Bartel and Ben Caldwell. . According to Campbell, Mary gets a “clean slate” in this series. She will even have her own gallery of scammers. No longer Mary Marvel, she’s Shazam now, but with that title comes all the responsibilities and pitfalls of a superhero. Everything falls on her shoulders, but, fortunately, Mary has not lost any joy, nor determination, nor her rabbit friend. She’s going to need all the help she can get. According to the official synopsis of the third issue:

Don’t read the comments! After the disastrous exit in the role of Shazam, Mary became a laughing stock on the Internet. Will she ever be taken seriously? Now she has to ignore the haters and help those who really need her. The problem with missing persons in Philadelphia has only worsened, and our hero has little time to find the culprit!

The main cover of the Shiner depicts Mary cornered against a wall covered with missing persons signs, which is almost certainly a reference to the iconic cover of X-Men Days of Future Past. One of the missing behind her shoulder is even called Billy, and he looks very much like his brother, the real Shazam. Mary has a determined look when electricity flashes in one eye. Bartel’s second cover is the most exciting. While Shazam is flying in space, Hoppy, the Marvel rabbit, is sitting on her back, which means that her new and sweetest friend will return in this issue. Caldwell’s latest cover depicts Mary on top of a mountain, looking confident and strong posing under a halo of stars, which is almost certainly an obvious parody of the Paramount logo.

The new issue of the comics “The New Champion of Shazam” from DC Comics promises to be a real turning point for Mary Marvel in her career of Shazam. The real test for the hero is not what he does when he gains momentum, but how he recovers after a failure. The whole world and the internet seem to be against her, and Mary Marvel’s confidence and Shazam’s legacy will be put to the test. I hope a fluffy and talkative rabbit will help her.


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