DC’s New Shazam Carries the Weight of the World in DC’s New Art


Warning! Spoilers for the new Shazam champion! #2 by DC Comics below

The new Shazam from DC! The series is coming out soon, and in the recently unveiled comic book cover, the new champion of incredible strength, Mary Marvel, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. A fresh look at the New Shazam Champion! #2 from DC Comics, cover artist Evan “Doc” Scheiner shows the enormous responsibility Mary will bear trying to balance her life, including her family, future and powers, all at the same time.

In DC The new Shazam champion! Mary Bromfield will replace her adopted brother in the role of the new Shazam after Billy Baston made a mysterious sacrifice, forcing him to leave the role. In the hero’s first solo series for DC Comics, Mary briefly loses her powers after Baston’s sacrifice, but eventually becomes Shazam’s new champion. The comic, written by Josie Campbell using drawings by Evan “Doc” Sheiner, will take Mary on a journey of self-discovery as she tries to find a balance between being a hero, her first year of college and navigating the life of a teenager entering adulthood.

DC Comics (via Newsarama) detailed what readers can expect from the new Shazam champion! #2, with persistent teasing that despite Mary getting a place at her dream school, her world is falling apart as the city she is trying to protect remains skeptical that she will replace the old Shazam. The preview also reveals that Mary is now the guardian of her siblings and will be up against the “super-powered losers” trying to strike while she is still learning what it means to be the new champion of Shazam. Great cover of the new Shazam champion! In #2, Mary Marvel carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, and her family, college, powers, and villains play key roles in the trials she will face.

The four-issue miniseries looks like it’s going to be a real blast, since every time Shiner draws Shazam! to the universe, his silver age senses are shining. Meanwhile, Josie Campbell’s work on “Shi-Ra and the Princess of Power” proves that she is more than capable of writing stories about growing up and learning about strength and responsibility through the prism of a strong protagonist. Together they make a real team.

After an initial months-long delay, Mary Marvel debuts as the new Shazam when The new Shazam champion! No. 1 will appear in comic book stores in August. Evan “Doc” Sheiner’s cover with Mary Marvel in the title role (see above) for the New Shazam Champion! No. 2 will appear in the second issue of the mini-series, which will be released next month, in September.