DC’s New Batwoman on TV Announced


The new star of the CW-made superhero series Batwoman, who recently lost the lead actor, has been announced. Now it is time for the cloak to be worn by Javicia Leslie.

Warner Bros was bringing together young TV series from its own brands, using a universe of CW series, which is also a television channel of its own. One of the newest series of the channel was Batwoman.

Playing the role of Batwoman, Ruby Rose recently announced that she shocked the character and drama. It was also stated that the decision may have been taken mutually at that time. CW found the name that would replace Rose.

Gotham is now entrusted to Javicia Leslie

According to the news of the Hollywood Reporter, Javicia Leslie will take on the task of capping the cloak in the Batwoman series, which was released only in the first season. It was also explained how the name to be the new protector of Gotham will be included in the story.

Leslie, of course, will not portray the character of Kate Kane directly from where Ruby Rose left off. Instead, he will appear as a new character. This character will have a much different history.

Unlike Kate, our new character, Ryan Wilder, also saw the dirty side of Gotham, got involved in dirty work, but remained true to the ethical values ​​that formed his personality. At times, Wilder, who is at odds with the police, will decide to provide justice himself.

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“Not the usual full American hero stereotype”

In a statement on the subject, “Today Ryan lives with his plants in a trailer. As a girl who can steal milk for her street cat and kill you with her bare hands, Ryan is the most dangerous fighter type: very talented and brutally undisciplined. He is an open homosexual. Athletic. Pure. Passionate. Fallible. And it’s not quite the usual American hero stereotype. ”

Leslie will thus be the first black, clearly LGBT character in the series universe called CW’s Arrowverse. Saying that he is also bisexual, the actor said that he was very excited to be the first black woman to portray Batwoman.

What do you think about the Batwoman series? Did you watch the show? Do you think Javicia Leslie can replace Ruby Rose?


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