DC’s “Fatal Patrol” star Diane Guerrero Wants to Do R


DC has a lot of superheroes. Content from a variety of films about various superheroes from the expanded DC universe is available everywhere. From Henry Cavill’s Superman to Ben Affleck’s Batman, the franchise has given us some of the most interesting and funny superheroes. While characters like this one are considered some of the best, few of them didn’t appeal to Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern viewers.

The role was both a commercial and theatrical mistake. It was also one of the biggest failures of Ryan’s career. However, while every actor wants to reprise the iconic role of Superman or Batman from the DCEU, “Fatal Patrol” actress Diane Guerrero has expressed interest in playing another strange character.

Diane Guerrero doesn’t bother playing this Ryan Reynolds.

Diane Guerrero is no stranger to the DCEU. The actress made her debut as a superhero in the DC movie, as a DC comics superhero of the same name, as the American superhero Duma. However, someone like Guerrero DCEU seems appropriate. To a fan on a Twitter account with a picture of Doom Patrol – in response, the fan asked which District of Columbia, except Jane, and she immediately replied: “Jessica Cruz, Green Lan!

Jessica Cruz is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Cruz is a new DC comics character who first appeared in Justice League (Volume 2) #31 in 2014. In a way, he shares the same strength as Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart. Widely used in British films in various comics, Cruise does not yet exist in an action project. With so much attention on Guerra, the drawing is also a confirmation of the debut, it will be difficult to see his star in the DC project. Meanwhile, Guerrero even voiced Jessica Cruz in Justice League vs. the Fatal Five

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern is being criticized by fans and fans around the world. The rich history of the Green Lantern in comics is also used to popularize Jessica Cruz. In addition to his roles in DC, Guerrero even appeared in the Netflix drama series “Orange is the hit of the season” and the action movie “Killer


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