DCEU: 10 best Heroes without Superpowers


Thanks to the success of the HBO max series from DCEU “Peacemaker” and the 3rd season of “Harley Quinn”, which is due to be released in July, it seems that the DC characters who do not have superpowers have gained some popularity. The attractiveness of heroes without abilities has always been present in the comic story.

Characters who fight crime using gadgets or advanced skills instead of superhuman abilities perform their heroic deeds in a fascinating manner. Many powerless heroes are not accepted at first until they show key heroic traits such as valor, nobility and a moral code. All heroes have these traits within themselves, but how these traits affect their heroism determines what kind of heroes they are. As these impotent benefactors continue to expand the DCEU, different kinds of justice are emerging, challenging the criteria of what makes a hero.

Captain Boomerang

George “Digger” Harkness may have a mile-long list of charges, but he’s had moments of heroism in the DCEU. It was in Belle Reve that Captain Boomerang became a member of Task Force X, also known as Suicide Squad. Captain Boomerang’s first mission led not only to the rescue of Midway City, but also to a fight with the Enchantress.

Despite the fact that he had no incentive to fight the supervillain, the jewel thief decided to become a hero. Although it says nothing about his morality, this act of valor gives the character redemption for his misdeeds. Using his fighting skills, deception, as well as his impeccable accuracy, Harkness managed to easily fight the Sorceress’s minions. Unfortunately, these examples are limited, as Captain Boomerang did not live long enough to add him to his list of heroic deeds, being killed in the events of Project Starfish.

Rick Flag

Colonel Richard “Rick” Rogers Flag is no stranger to intense fighting. As the leader of Task Force X, Flag faces huge threats to his country. His heroism stands out in the moments of the uprising, which is best seen in the second part of Suicide Squad, where Colonel Flag takes a moral position and decides to expose the involvement of the US government in the Starfish project.

Although Rick Flag has no powers of his own, his military background has given him combat skills, gun ownership and strategy. As a direct subordinate of Amanda Waller, Rick Flag’s ability to be a hero is often limited because he follows orders that are in the interests of the U.S. government, not the common good. While Waller puts his prowess to good use, his moral code often takes a back seat. Flag’s actions very often turned into heroism, but unfortunately his pursuit of justice cost him his life before he could extend his record.

Fatal shot

Floyd Lawton got the role of the hero, as did the rest of the members of the Suicide Squad. Deadshot is given the opportunity to become a hero when Rick Flag destroys the detonator, freeing everyone. Despite their newfound freedom, Lawton vows to complete the mission in an attempt to atone for his guilt to his daughter.

The reasons why Deadshot plays the hero are as selfish as they are noble. Although he shows no illusions about possibly clearing his list, Lawton is seeking approval from his daughter, motivating him to work better. This incentive pushed him to become the hero of Midway City. Using his world-class marksmanship, Lawton tests his prowess and shows his nobility much more than ever as an assassin.

Blood Sport

Robert Dubois reluctantly joins the suicide squad after Amanda Waller threatens that his daughter will be tried as an adult and imprisoned. Throughout its leadership, Project Starfish Bloodsport conducts two rescue missions, rescues Pied Piper 2 from assassination, and leads a full-scale attack on Starro to save the inhabitants of Corto Maltese.

Dubois constantly made decisions out of compassion and concern for his team and innocent citizens. Dubois demonstrated his accuracy, which only Deadshot could compete with, as well as his nobility and sense of moral code. Despite the fact that he was completely out of his mind, Bloodsport tried his best to save as many members of his team as possible, demonstrating valor at every step of the way.

Pied Piper 2

Cleo Kazo was born in poverty under the tutelage of her father, the Pied Piper. After her father’s death, she turned to a life of crime, which led her to Belle Reve, and then to the Suicide Squad.

Using her father’s technology, Kazo controlled the rats to do her bidding. While her life of crime arose out of desperation, her good deeds easily outweigh her discretion. Pied Piper 2 acted as the squad’s moral compass as well as their secret weapon, using his rat control technology to defeat Starro and save the day.


Alfred Pennyworth is best known as Bruce Wayne’s surrogate father. As a member of the SAS special forces, he is experienced in combat, weapons, information gathering, as well as in aviation.


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