DC, trolling its own fans, has Just reached a new peak


Attention! Contains spoilers for the comics “Batman # 125” and “Catwoman # 45”.

DC Comics made a fun move: fans of the romance between Batman and Catwoman got a whole new level of drawing. The latest installment of Catwoman revealed a twist in an earlier conversation between the two characters that made fans think that the romance between the Bat and the Cat is in an even worse position than before.

Batman #125 shows readers a phone conversation between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle after Bruce wakes up from a nightmare in which his loved ones are dead at the feet of three Jokers. When Bruce calls Selina to see if she’s okay, he overhears Valmont, a new character who has entered Catwoman’s life, in the same room as his flame over and over again. The scene depicts both Selina and Valmont undressed in the rays of dawn. Since he and Catwoman are having something of a break, Bruce takes the hint and ends the conversation, probably assuming that the morning visitor and Selina slept together, as he thinks: “It’s clear that my mind has to let go of the past.” an ambiguous meaning referring to both his romantic situation and his aforementioned nightmare.

Fans were already ready to pick apart any signs that the couple had broken up in this new Batman installment, as Batman #125 was released just a week after Bruce and Selina’s wedding out of continuity in Batman/Catwoman #12. As it turned out, “Batman # 125” by Chip Zdarski and Jorge Jimenez showed only half of the story. After many readers have made the same assumption as Bruce, “Catwoman #45” by Sami Basri and Tiny Howard shows a different side of the story. Released two weeks after “Batman #125,” “Catwoman #45” reveals that Valmont was simply treating a wound Selina had received earlier in the night, misleading fans in a comical hidden crossover.

The writers of this scene clearly knew what they were doing, portraying a conversation in Batman #125. In the Batman version of the bell, Selina is depicted in patterned underwear, which is in stark contrast to the plain black underwear she wears when she is patched up in the Catwoman scene. While this may just be a misunderstanding between the artists, it most likely paints Bruce as an unreliable narrator who immediately deduces that Selina was sleeping with someone else. A scene in the Catwoman issue cheekily contains a note that says, “See Batman #125 to find out what he said to that, what she said… because every story has two sides,” which clearly shows that the writers knew how the audience interpreted the opening scene. . This meta-narrative almost comments on the very notion of a long-term relationship from comics, since novels such as Batman and Catwoman are often held back by plot contrivances and misunderstandings so that the characters are not tied to one partner.

While nothing comes out of Selina’s Valmont Night in Catwoman #45, the unclear status of her relationship with Batman frees both characters for a new romantic relationship in any particular installment of their respective series. Deliberately distorting Batman’s side in his phone conversation with Catwoman, DC Comics in a hysterical manner fooled Bet fans/The cat, playing on fears that Ross and Rachel from D.C. will be separated again.


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