DC Super-Pets Further Exacerbates the Problem After the MCU Credits


In the animated film “DC League of Super-Pets” there is a scene after the credits that actually succeeds in only two things: advertising “Black Adam” and focusing on the problematic film trend popularized by the Marvel cinematic universe. Since 2008, the MCU title scenes have done a fantastic job encouraging viewers to keep watching until the end of the credits. However, they have also led to widespread use of this trend in films that don’t necessarily require them, such as DC League of Super-Pets.

After the super pets save the day, in the scene after the credits of the DC Super Pets League, Superman and Crypto play in the park. This useful moment is interrupted when Batman’s infamous squeezable toy Crypto is instead caught by a dog named Anubis, who then turns out to be Black Adam’s pet. In the scene after the credits of DC League of Super-Pets, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson voices not only Crypto, but also Black Adam and Anubis. Johnson revealed that the sequence was his idea and was reportedly conceived after a few shots of tequila.

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The post-credits scene of DC League of Super-Pets does a great job of making fun of this overused superhero image, but it also exacerbates the problem created by the MCU, which now affects virtually the entire superhero genre. Indeed, today’s viewers are much more likely to stay until the end credits waiting for one or two useful scenes at the very end. In superhero movies, this usually means a teaser or a direct disclosure of upcoming projects. There was no such thing in DC League of Super-Pets. The final sequence is essentially a Johnson commercial and a strange allusion to Black Adam with no real connection to the DCEU. Although it can be argued that this is not a big problem, since “DC League of Super-Pets” is a separate film intended for children, the reality is that this only lowers the bar for the next generation of superhero movie viewers.

Black Adam’s Surprise DC Super Pets Cameo Is An Advertisement

The post-credits scene of DC League of Super-Pets actually reflects why the post-credits scenes of the MCU Phase 4 don’t work the way they used to. In the past, MCU title scenes have mostly been about creating the future, with cameos meant to be cheap payouts to fans, but which eventually lead somewhere. However, while Marvel viewers continue to expect eye-popping post-credits openings and teasers, the MCU, by putting end-credits scenes into literally every movie except Avengers: Finale, has significantly weakened the overall impact of this once amazing cinematic stunt. After the MCU Phase 3, most of Marvel’s post-credits were also mostly just commercials.

In combination with the DC League of Super-Pets, which further translates the final credits scenes into the status of a simple advertisement, the problem after the credits of the MCU, DCEU and the entire superhero genre is only getting worse. Although most of the MCU characters featured in the post-credits scenes have performed their function well, both Marvel and DC should think not only about advertising upcoming projects in their long-awaited and inevitable mid- and end-credits episodes. Moreover, it remains to be seen whether the very last scenes of the Marvel credits will actually lead somewhere in Phase 5 of the MCU.


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