DC Shared First Images of Joker’s New Girlfriend Punchline


After Harley Quinn leaves the Joker in the cinematic universe of DC, a new accomplice comes to Joker in the comic book universe. DC introduced Joker to his new lover Punchline.

Gotham’s famous villain Joker’s accomplice, right-hand man and
After her lover Harley Quinn left Joker behind in the cinematic universe, Junch’s new crime partner and lover Punchline appeared in the comics universe. While DC brings together the first images of Punchline with comic book lovers, the soon-to-be-released Batman series will feature a new villain character.

Punchline will meet readers in Batman’s 89th comic book issue, which will be released on February 19. There will be no detailed introduction in this issue, but a more complete introduction of Punchline in the third issue of Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen will be released next week.

Punchline likes to shed blood like Joker
Judging by the published images of Punchline, it’s easy to understand why the Joker loves him. The new villain is also prone to clown makeup, and Punchline is fond of bleeding bloodlessly, like a Joker, especially if it’s a blind saw.

Punchline will also play an important role in the “Joker War” story, which is said to begin in the 95th issue of Batman, which will be released later this year. DC gives clues that this story will be the last battle between Batman and his ancient enemy Joker. We have to wait for the spring to see the story. Besides, it will be exciting to see how Harley Quinn will react to Joker’s new crime partner, since Harley had allied with Batman and Catwoman.

Harley Quinn had left the Joker in the cinema and became a character standing on his own feet. Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, started acting alone in 2016 with the movie Suicide Squad: Real Villains. In the 2020 Predatory Birds (And Gorgeous Harley Quinn) movie, Harley Quinn’s journey to find her own survival struggle and personality is presented. As Harley Quinn discovers her true strength, she collaborates with female characters as strong as she is.


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