DC May Be Gearing Up for Another Justice League Movie After Dan Lin’s Expected Arrival


Warner Bros. Merger With Discovery leading to even more uncertainty about the studio’s core franchise, DC. DCEU, the WB’s answer to the Marvel cinematic universe, has experienced several ups and downs over the years, and yet, remarkably, it is approaching its tenth anniversary next year. After a beginning that was dark in tone and heightened the dramatic seriousness of everything, two elements that were introduced by Zack Snyder, the universe was almost completely abandoned after the disastrous 2017 film Justice League. In the end, everything came together again, and in 2023, the Flash was supposed to be a semi-reboot of production.

And yet, it seems that something went wrong according to the plan that was originally put forward back in 2020. Walter Hamada, still the current head of the District of Columbia, was the one who decided to re-introduce Michael Keaton’s Batman in a supporting role in order to keep Robert Pattinson’s character isolated and not burdened by the surrounding universe. But after the sudden cancellation of Batgirl, this plan seems to have been canceled by new CEO David Zaslav. Since then, Zaslav has reportedly enlisted producer Dan Lin to succeed Hamada and plan a future for DCEU that is more like Marvel and relies heavily on interconnectedness.

Lin has previous experience working on the Justice League movie (luckily for DC fans, not with the 2017 movie), and in the past he’s been open about how much he’s a big fan of the franchise and how he wants to see a movie about the team. which perhaps gives some idea of the new chapter’s plans for the future. A new Justice League movie may be on the horizon.

The cancellation of Batgirl was so sudden that it created an atmosphere of confusion around the DC franchise, especially because it was presented as one of the projects that were supposed to be key and pivotal in their plan for the future. According to reports, at the moment Batgirl will never see the light, but the Flash will still see the light. And this is despite the repeated arrests of star Ezra Miller and allegations of violence over the summer. They recently had a meeting with the studio to discuss these issues, and it seems that everything went smoothly enough that WB was confident enough to proceed with the release as planned (for now).

Flash will reboot the DCEU (to a certain extent) and usually give them a kind of blank slate to work with. In the future, a new Superman actor or Joker actor may appear — almost any other character (or plot element) can be changed. This is especially important for the main character of The Flash, as the repeated problems in Ezra Miller’s personal life may have left too many victims to be ignored.

This aspect of the movie reboot may be suitable for a Justice League movie, especially given the presence of Dan Lin. Lin is a self-proclaimed DC fan and is very knowledgeable about the facility and its characters, which is one of the reasons he was chosen for this role. DC fans will be especially pleased to know that Alan Horn, the former Disney executive who helped found the MCU, was a major proponent of hiring Lin.

Lin’s work prior to this new position is quite impressive, as he produced LEGO movies among other successful games, but he was also the main behind-the-scenes player in Justice League: Mortal, a film that was in the pre-production stage before the writers’ strike of the mid-2000s put an end to the project altogether. This movie was so launched that photos of the heroes in their costumes leaked online, as well as a full cast list, which included Armie Hammer as Batman, Santiago Cabrera as Aquaman, Adam Brody as Flash, Common as Green Lantern, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman and Jay Baruchel in the roles of Maxwell Lord. It is also said that it was shot by the famous director George Miller, who, in particular, directed the films “Mad Max”.

Justivce League: Mortal seemed to have high hopes, and it was a pity that it was so close, but in the end it was never realized. However, it shows that Dan Lin is clearly passionate about the Justice League. Moreover, he has since talked about how he is still a fan, and a great movie about the team is the first thing he wants to see from the DC franchise. Now that he’s going to lead the entire franchise, rather than just producing one movie, Lin has more control than ever when it comes to making his own Justice League movie. It is clear that it will take some time before this project is implemented, especially because it needs a high-quality setup to fully realize its potential (for example, the MCU approach before the first Avengers movie). However, Lin can navigate and plan this road leading to the Justice League movie and have the last word, potentially putting his personal stamp on everything.

Lin’s enthusiasm and his knowledge of the source material mean he is a great choice to lead the franchise in the future.


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