DC League Of Super-Pets” The director wants to include a specific character in a potential sequel, and for a very good reason


Warning: SPOILERS for DC League of Super-Pets are in play. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, consider this a kryptonite-level warning.

Showcasing the many animals in its lineup, DC League of Super-Pets in some way offers one specific species in an animated adventure. Although the main canine heroes Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are accompanied by other creatures, big and small, it seems that cats are really villainous in this incarnation of Metropolis from the DC movie. With all due respect to feline friends, co-writer and director Jared Stern has actually strengthened his love for cats and has some plans for a new character of this breed in a potential sequel.

While it’s all fun, the movie still relies on the stereotype that cats are evil. Just to be clear, I asked Jared Stern during an interview for DC League of Super-Pets if there was anything the cats ever did to him to cause this twist. After clarifying his feelings about one of the many fuzzy views that the internet has become obsessed with, Stern told CinemaBlend about his potential DC League of Super-Pets 2 plan:

OK, I have to say the following: I love cats, the shelter where I worked as a volunteer one day, where my wife works, is a cat shelter. …Our good friend’s daughter, Winona, plays Whiskers the cat; and yes, she’s the villain in [DC League of Super-Pets]. But I think a pretty charming, cool villain. If we’re lucky enough to make a sequel, I think we need a hero cat, just to make it clear that not all of them are evil. Since we love cats, they are fantastic too.

Cats and guinea pigs help the villainess Lulu (Kate McKinnon) wage war against the heroic DC League of Super-Pets gang, led by super-dog Crypto (Dwayne Johnson) and flying hound Ace (Kevin Hart). One cat that is a particularly psychotic example is a Whiskers kitten with superpowers (Winona Bradshaw). Possessing superpowers thanks to Lulu’s evil scheming, Whiskers hunts down the DC Super Pet League with menacing but comedic results.

Possessing a tail that shoots missiles, having the ability to create balls of wool, and boasting the ability to summon a variety of pop culture references/threats from films like “Warriors” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” this kitten has more claws than some of the harsher critics’ reactions to Super-Pets in general ambiguous. Don’t let the photo I’m going to share mislead you, the orange cat you’re going to pay attention to is a psycho:


(Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

This happens after an earlier joke in which another kitten mocks future super-pets when the animal is adopted from the shelter in which they are all kept. DC League of Super-Pets is certainly not an accurate reflection of Jared Stern’s history with cats, as the director admitted that he was a staunch supporter of shelters and foster parents.

Using his experience working at an animal shelter to create the overall story of the film, his feelings for animals even helped him decide to add a second Taylor Swift song to the soundtrack of the film. Reflecting on the experience, adding a hero cat to DC’s next super pet league seems like a good move, especially when Nickelodeon’s Puppy Patrol made a similar change thanks to the recent Cat Pack event series.

There are still more dogs than cats in the DC League of Super-Pets world, with two of them voiced by Dwayne Johnson; but there’s still room for a friendly cat to join the team. If two guinea pigs who were previously on Lulu’s side can defect to the heroes, anything can happen. If that happens, the cast of DC League of Super-Pets could add another impressive star to its galaxy of talents.

We’ll have to wait and see if another round of Super-Pets action happens, as the origin story of Ace and his shelter gang is currently being told in a movie theater near you. Dwayne Johnson fans will definitely get another dose of magic as “Black Adam” debuts as a 2022 movie on October 21.


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