DC introduces a new Raven man and a classic villain with a twist


Warning! Spoilers for Multiversity: Teen Justice #1 from DC Comics

DC Comics studies the Teen Justice team from Earth-11 in detail and presents a new male version of Raven, as well as the villainess Sinestra in an exciting multiverse adventure. In Multiversity: Teen Justice #1 from DC Comics, the heroes of Earth-11 face a new version of Raven, who previously refused a place in the super team. However, by the end of the issue, the new hero provides important information about a new villain associated with the Church of Blood: Sinestra.

Introduced in DC’s “Very Fun Multiverse #1″, Teen Justice is a version of Teen Titans on Earth-11, as the group consists of former Justice Guild proteges. There are many versions of popular heroes with a gender change in the universe, since the main Guild of Justice consists of Wonder Man, Superwoman, Aquawoman and Batwoman. Meanwhile, the Teen Justice squad consists of Aquagirl, Donald Troy, Clarienne, Witch Girl, Robin and the non-binary speedster Kid Quick. As Teen Justice gets its own mini-series, they’re about to welcome a new member, Raven, as the villainess Sinestra makes herself known.

In Multiversity: Teen Justice #1 by Ivan Cohen, Danny Lore, Marco Fille, Enrica Eren Angiolini and Carlos M. Manguala, the Teen Justice team learns that a villainous H.I.V.E. organization is trying to steal information about energy manipulation. After the battle, Donald Troy finds Raven searching for clues at the scene of the fight and reminds him that he refused a place on the Teen Justice team. However, when the magical hero later reappears, he warns them that they are all in danger by summoning the Church of Blood.

The Church of Blood adds recruits under the guise of finding a target, including a girl whom the Teen Justice squad saved in a confrontation with H.I.V.E. However, when the curtain is pulled back behind the one who runs the Church of Blood, Synesta and Kilowog appear, who create their own mysterious machine. Although the intention behind the true nature of the machine has not been disclosed, it is obvious that Teen Justice will have to worry about it in the near future.

As for the appearance, Raven looks more like street clothes than his magical counterpart from Earth-Prime. The hero is wearing a sleeveless sweater, cropped under Raven’s wings, jeans and a pendant around his neck. However, Raven retains the character’s signature hood. Sinestra looks much more stylish than Sinestro, as her leather jacket, faded haircut and Green Lantern costume create an ominous outfit.”

Raven’s connection to the Church of Blood will soon be worked out, but if this is something like the main version of the character, then the hero is strongly associated with an evil organization, including Sinestra. Fortunately, Raven seems to be coming to his senses and is ready to work together with the Teen Justice team. Readers can see the new Raven and Sinestra in Multiverse: Teen Justice #1 from DC Comics.