DC Guardians’ New Easter Egg Could Make Robin the Most Important Hero


Warning: Contains spoilers for Robin #15!

Damian Wayne’s Robin has played an important role in the DC universe for a long time, but a recent release from his comic book series hints that he may play a more important role in the wider multiverse in the future— all thanks to a simple Guardian Easter egg.

Since he first appeared in 2006, Damian Wayne has become an important part of the bat family. Of course, being the son of Bruce Wayne, it’s unlikely that the character could have been anything less. Almost three years after his debut, Damian became the new Robin, a role he held fairly steadily for the next decade or more. Damian recently left Gotham City to star in his own solo series, distancing himself from his father to forge his own path in the wider DCU.

In ” Robin # 15 ” by Joshua Williamson and Roger Cruz, Damian returns to Gotham after the recent “Shadow War” crossover . Almost immediately, he encounters a gang of clowns calling themselves the Red Triangle Gang, who operate in one of the Joker’s old hideouts after his absence after the Joker War. “I’ve been in Gotham for less than a day,” Damian says, kicking one of them in the jaw, “and I’m already dealing with clowns.” Interestingly, one of the clowns Damian is fighting is wearing a familiar smiley face badge with a distinctive bloodstain over one eye. This is the iconic icon of the murdered comedian, who first appeared on the cover of Watchmen #1. It could have been nothing more than a funny Easter egg that the creators decided to add as a joke, but given DC’s history with the smiley button, it’s also not too far-fetched to predict that this could be a sign that you’re coming for Damian.

This button has led to the intersection of the DCU and the Watchmen world in the past. In the Batman and Flash crossover “Button”, Batman found the mysterious button in question and tried to figure out where it came from. This served as a prelude to the larger-scale Doomsday Clock story, in which DCU superheroes come into contact with characters from The Guardians and discover the secret history of their own universe. The button that appeared in Robin #15 is also well connected to the current Flashpoint Beyond series, in which Batman tinkers with artifacts from the Watchmen universe, some of which seem to affect time itself. The appearance may even signal that Damian plays an important role in the development of the multiverse, signaling an impending failure in reality.

The appearance of the button may also be nothing more than a funny wink to readers, given that the comedian is already a clown-style villain, however, there would be few better ways to signal that Dr. Manhattan is messing with reality again than to abandon Easter. Eggs in some relevant stories. Whether Damian Wayne’s Robin will interact with the Guardians universe at some point in the future remains to be seen, but it’s still interesting to imagine the possibilities.


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