DC FanDome: more news from Batman DC movies


The DC FanDome took place last Saturday (22) and had almost 30 panels to present news about series, games, comics and DC Comics films.

The event began with a panel of Wonder Woman 1984, which featured part of the cast and director Patty Jenkins. In addition to presenting some news about the film, a new trailer was shown showing Princess Diana in action and the look of the villain Woman-Leopard.

On the Suicide Squad 2 panel, James Gunn and the film’s cast presented a video revealing the names of the main characters. The panel ended with a behind-the-scenes video of the feature, which features some scenes from the film.

In addition, it was announced by the creators of Super Shock that DC is working on a live-action movie of the character. The project is in its initial phase and does not have many new features, such as cast or possible debut date.

There was also room for two other projects that are in the early stages of development. The first was The Flash, which featured actor Ezra Miller, who said the film will open the doors of the multiverse in DC films, as well as revealing concept art showing the hero’s new uniform.

The other project, was from the solo film by Adão Negro, which had Dwayne Johnson presenting two videos: one with conceptual arts and talking about his excitement with the film, and the second showing Gavião Negro, Senhor Destino, Ciclone and Esmaga-Átamo, confirming that the Justice Society will be in the feature film.

But the highlights were the Justice League Snyder Cut and The Batman panels. In addition to presenting news about the productions, both had a first trailer.

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