DC FanDome 2: New Batman Poster, Flash News


The DC FanDome: Explore The Multiverse has left us with many news about the DC universe in movies, series and more; All the details.

This past Saturday, September 12, the second part of the DC FanDome took place with Explore The Multiverse, a new series of content as news of the DC universe that was complemented by the first edition of the DC FanDome at the end of last August, although in this case focused more on series, comics and other formats of the company. Although some important news were also shared such as a new poster of The Batman by Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson (whose filming remains stopped due to Pattinson’s positive for coronavirus), new details of the Flash movie, the definitive title of the Snyder Cut of Justice League or the news of the Arrowverso series, among others.

Exploring the DC Multiverse

Thus, Matt Reeves’ The Batman film has presented a new poster that follows the aesthetics of the promotional material seen so far, with reddish tones and an image of Batman in profile next to the film’s logo. On the other hand, on the Flash movie it has been reiterated that it will be a separate point in the DC Extended Universe, in the purest Flashpoint style, a kind of “reset” that will restart and reorganize the DC film universe as a “bridge between all the realities ”.

The final name of the new version of Zack Snyder from Justice League, popularly known as the Snyder Cut and which until now was called Zack Snyder’s Justice League, has also been confirmed. Finally, the film will be called the Justice League Director’s Cut, scheduled for 2021 only on HBO Max. Passing the DC series, season 3 of Doom Patrol was also confirmed exclusively for HBO Max.


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