DC Confirms Why Batman’s Outlaws Will Always Beat The Flash Version


Warning! Spoilers Ahead for Batman: Urban Legends #17

In the latest issue of Batman: Urban Legends, it is confirmed that Batman villains will always win in the Flash’s rogue gallery. Thanks to the rare team of Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze, the Scarlet Speedster’s ice-themed enemy discovers that Victor Fries is much worse and darker than ever. While Flash scammers love to wreak havoc in Central City, Frost really understands in this new installment that the Dark Knight villains are of a completely different caliber.

The “Cold Shoulders” taking place at the beginning of Batman and The Flash’s careers originate from Ryan Cady and Gleb Melnikov in the new Batman: Urban Legends #17. While past issues of the anthology series have featured stories about Batman and his various allies, such as Ace-bat-the-Hound, this new issue focuses on some of the first Dark Knight teams with Flash, Aquaman and Black Adam. Now this new story tells how Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze first joined forces as ice enemies.

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Having promised to upgrade Leonard Snart’s cold shotgun in exchange for Frost’s help with his cryogenically frozen wife Nora, Mr. Freeze is more desperate than ever in his new gambit that brought Batman and The Flash together. Also, Snart eventually realizes that he got too carried away after seeing Frieze’s instability. The fact is that Frost is very surprised that Freeze would take the chance to kill Batman (especially after Frost confirmed that he never tried to kill The Flash).

In all the time that Flash stopped Captain Cold and brought him to justice, Snart never wanted to kill the fastest living person. The same probably applies to most of the Central City scoundrels because of Flash’s great compassion as a hero. By comparison, Batman is much more uncompromising and brutal in his crusade to rid Gotham City of its criminals, breaking bones and using fear to get justice. So it makes sense that the Dark Knight’s own rogue gallery would be as intense as Batman himself and would want to see the vigilante dead and buried.

In any case, the opposing opinions about the murder of the respective heroes are certainly the big difference between Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze (despite their common low temperature weapons). It also proves the general rule that Batman’s villains will almost always be more violent, more aggressive, and downright bloodthirsty compared to Flash’s enemies. So it makes sense that Snart actually helps Batman and The Flash defeat Freeze by the end of the release.


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