DC Comics Announces New Superman Will Be Bisexual


DC Comics has made statements about Superman’s new comic, which will be released in November. In the statements made, it was stated that Jon Kent will be bisexual. DC Comics made a remarkable statement for Superman, one of the most popular comics in the world. The company, which is preparing to release the last comic of the series in November, has announced that the new Superman character Jon Kent will be bisexual. DC Comics also shared some images from the upcoming comic.

Jon Kent had formed a friendship with journalist Jay Nakamura earlier in the series. However, this friendship was only a standard friendship until today. The final comic will change that. The two will form an emotional bond this time. The author of the comic, Tom Taylor, made remarkable sentences in his statements about his work.

“Deciding whether Superman would be bisexual was harder 5-10 years ago”

Speaking to the BBC, Tom Taylor expressed that he thought about what today’s Superman character should be like before writing the novel. Deciding to start with bisexuality, Taylor said, “I realized that if we use a white heterosexual male beauty like Clark Kent again, we will miss an opportunity.” Using his expressions, he explained what he was thinking.


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