Days Gone will be updated on PS5 with 4K resolution


Bend Studio announces free performance and resolution enhancements to its post-apocalyptic action adventure on the new Sony console.

Days Gone will enjoy dynamic 4K resolution and 60 FPS on PS5; This has been announced by those responsible for Bend Studio, confirming the free improvements to their post-apocalyptic action adventure and open world both in terms of resolution and performance in the next generation Sony console. In addition, the original save game from PlayStation 4 can be transferred to PlayStation 5, so that those who want to continue with the story of Deacon St. John or bet on the New Game + on PS5, do not have to start over.

You can transfer your game from PS4 to PS5

Thus, according to Bend Studio, Days Gone will offer several improvements for those who run the original PS4 disc on PS5 or have acquired the game in digital format at the time and download it on the new Sony console. From a dynamic 4K resolution depending on the moment and the load shown on the screen (varying the resolution in real time so as not to affect the fluidity of images per second) to a performance of up to 60 frames per second.

In addition, and thanks to the so-called cross-save or the possibility of loading the original PS4 game on PS5, it will be possible to maintain the progress of the adventure without losing anything, including the possibility of starting an NG + or New Game + for those who will finish the game on PlayStation 4 and want to enjoy the improvements announced on PlayStation 5 through a new return to its history, yes, with a greater challenge.

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Let’s remember that Days Gone is currently part of the PS Now on-demand game service, a title that takes us to a present post-apocalyptic era in which humanity has been devastated by an infection that transforms human beings into a kind of zombies with very bad fleas. Do not miss our analysis of Days Gone through the following link.


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