Days Gone Presents its Fans With Free PS4 Theme


Days Gone fans should still be saddened by the latest news and controversies surrounding the series, as it has recently been revealed that the title will not win a sequel on PlayStation consoles:

At least the developer Bend Studio has prepared a free theme for all players! Just visit the Playstation Store and enter one of the following codes according to your store’s region to redeem:

Brazil, Latin America, USA and Canada: G98M-2AN3-L6L4
Europe: QG4H-NMNN-N7P2
Japan: 3BLE-QEN4-2HDL
Korea: M57A-FNNQ-AH5F
Asia: E775-GENL-M6CQ

Just be smart and run to download it if you are interested, since the theme will only be available until tomorrow (27), without an exact time to go off the air.

What did you think of this treat? Are you sad about the cancellation of the game sequence? Comment below!


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