Days Gone: New Mod Makes Hordes of Freaks Even Bigger


Days Gone: A few weeks after the release of Days Gone on PC, a new mod was introduced to gamers, bringing more challenges to all those who want to venture out. With it, the hordes of freakers, the zombies of the game, will get even bigger as time goes by — to the point of completely filling your computer screen.

Aigmir, the person responsible for creating the mod is part of the Nexus Mod portal team. According to what is available on the site, many users searched for a similar version in their search bar and, for this reason, they decided to meet the wishes of the majority .

As disclosed on the page dedicated to the mod on the website, the process for its creation was quite intense, considering that Aigmir had to learn all the mechanisms of a completely new game with a short release time. The Massive Hordes description states that many hours of work were invested in this process.

And the difference in the number of freaks is quite significant. In the original design of Days Gone, the normal hordes could range from 25 to 500 freaks. However, the Nexus Mod mod features a minimum amount of 280 freaks, reaching up to 600.

Learn more about the configuration of the new Days Gone mod

Aigmir assured, on the same page where Massive Hordes was made available, that his intention was just to make the game more challenging, without breaking the original experience of the game.

So don’t be scared when the freakers start advancing: after all, as numerous as the hordes are, many details of Days Gone were respected in their entirety.

To run the mod, users have a few options, such as including the new thing in an ongoing game. However, Aigmir recommends that in order to have a more satisfying experience, it’s best to restart your journey (but he also says it might not be necessary, it’s more of a precaution).

Days Gone is an electrifying open-world game that involves action and adventure to the fullest. In the narrative, the audience is introduced to Deacon St. John (Samuel Witwer), a bounty hunter who fights for his survival at all costs. Amidst the chaos, freakers are introduced as a major threat.

So, are you going to face this new challenge?


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