Days Gone, exclusive to PlayStation, comes to PC platform


Following games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Detroit: Become Human, Sony plans to bring more exclusive games to PC. In line with this plan, it has been announced that Sony will make another move. PlayStation was announced for Days Gone PC, which is broadcast by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Bend Studio. The game is coming to PC this spring …

Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan recently announced in an interview with GQ that Days Gone will be coming to PC this spring. In addition, Jim Ryan also signaled that more games will come to PC in the future.

Developer Bend Studio, on the other hand, confirmed the claim that Days Gone will come to PC, and said, “Stand by for details.” made the explanation.

When will Days Gone PC version be released?
It seems like Sony is aiming to bring its PlayStation exclusive games to a wider audience. We’ve seen games like Detroit: Become Human and Horizon: Zero Dawn come to PC in the recent past. Upon these developments, signals were given from the Sony front that more games will come in the future. Days Gone was the first game to be announced on PC after these developments.

Speaking on the subject, Sony President and CEO Jim Ryan said, “Our studios did a great job, especially in the second half of the PlayStation 4 era. Thanks to this, we witnessed great games. Now we have the opportunity to bring these great games to a wider audience. Also, this opportunity is not always available. Therefore, it was quite easy for us to make this decision. ” found in the description.

The game, which was released exclusively for PS4 on April 26, 2019, was highly appreciated. Although the mistakes in the game were annoying, it managed to achieve a metacritic average of 71 and a user score of 8.3 with its self-moving structure. PC gamers are already excited for Days Gone. Because as it is known, Sony exclusive games have reached a very good standard so far. Naturally, this situation increases the interest in the game. Unfortunately, there is no exact release date for the PC version of Days Gone, which will be announced in the spring.