Days Gone director blames players for game flop


Days Gone: According to Days Gone writer and creative director John Garvin, the fault of a flop game – at least in part – lies with the players who did not buy the game for the full price at its launch. In an interview with David Jaffe on YouTube, Garvin said that “if you love a game, buy it for the full price.”

About this, Jaffe questioned Garvin how people can love a game they haven’t even played. The director then cited God of War as an example, which would have gained a lot more support in purchases from the start. This is a statement that strikes us, since God of War comes from a success sequence on previous Sony consoles.

It is worth mentioning that there are games that perform excellent sales despite everything. One example is Outriders, which sold well even on the Xbox Game Pass.

But Garvin goes further, he says that those who wait to buy at a discount or pick up a game only when they arrive on PlayStation Plus are hurting the games. “Don’t complain if a game doesn’t win a sequel if you didn’t support it in its launch,” he added. This line is, of course, related to Days Gone’s unsurprising sales performance.

As for market analyst Mat Piscatella, who has worked with Activision and Warner Bros., when a game goes bad in sales it is the game’s fault or something involving its marketing. He includes in his commentary the pricing of the product, if the player is not motivated to buy due to an uninteresting price he will not do this at launch.


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