Days Gone: Actor Complains About Journalists Who Broke The Game


Days Gone is much more talked about today than in its original release, partly due to the controversies surrounding the cancellation of its sequel, and partly due to the game’s arrival on the PC. Sam Witwer, the actor who plays the protagonist Deacon St. John in the work, considers that the press was not very fair with the game.

In a question-and-answer session on the Reddit forum, he released the verb about the situation, saying that he read “a review today of a website that I prefer not to name. In it, the horde mechanics were not even mentioned once. It had other tips from that, but it was very clear that the analyst hadn’t played the game for many hours. ”

“The idea has always been for Days Gone to warm up little by little. For better or worse, it was designed to be played and enjoyed for many hours. The best parts of the story and gameplay happen much later, and of course this philosophy of design is not compatible with the nature of game analytics today.

These journalists who do everything running, who do not stop to appreciate things, they do not play games in the right terms because they have tight deadlines to meet. This is not only bad but it ends up manipulating your audience, who would love to read a review made by those who really immersed themselves in the game “.

Do you agree with the criticisms made by Sam Witwer? Did you like zeroing Days Gone or found a bomb? Comment below!


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