Day6: Song lyrics we can all identify with


These are the best song lyrics of the K-Pop group Day6, who always manage to surprise us with their beautiful lyrics that not only talk about love, but also everyday problems and personal dilemmas.

Day6 already brings so many emotions with all of their songs just because of how they portray him with their facial expressions, the aesthetics of their music videos, and their comeback teasers as well. But when you read their song lyrics you can really feel it and be able to resonate as you may have felt or maybe you feel that way.

With their amazing discography you will find that Day6 has no bad songs at all, from their melancholic songs to their hype let’s skip the music, Day6 has probably covered every genre they could.

All Alone

“I’m fine today, I tell myself over and over again. After the day is over and I come home I wish there was someone Who will say good job to me and hug me”

“I wish there was someone who would tell me, have a good day”

These lyrics come close to home as we all need support and reassurance that somehow everything will be fine and somehow it will work out. Sometimes we need to hear those exact words “you’re doing fine.” Those simple words are enough to get you through the day, knowing that there is someone looking out for you too.


“Someday the dark clouds will pass. I hope that one day we can smile again in a resplendent way.”

“Someday the day will brighten again. Someday the darkness that follows us will disappear. I have hope.”

If you listen to the song while reading the lyrics, you can definitely imagine yourself looking up at the sky and seeing the sunlight staring at you, as if at the right moment it was a sign that the brightest days are right before you. That hopelessness will soon be replaced by a life full of new hopes and beginnings.

For me

“I’m trapped in the mirror, with my face about to cry, now I want you to know, you have done well so far. I will tell, only to me”

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This interesting song written by the group’s bassist Young K talks about everything that we can sometimes forget to remind ourselves of: that we are doing well and we are trying hard. This song can be seen as if you are singing it to yourself, telling yourself and reminding yourself that everything is going to be okay.

We are the people we know best, which is why it is important to take time to acknowledge our own accomplishments, pat ourselves on the back and say: Well done.


“Don’t run run run run, it’s been very hard already, walking is fine now.”

“Getting some rest is also good, taking it easy is also good you don’t have to work too hard”

Day6 continually reminding MyDays and everyone not to exceed their limits and go at a pace that is right for you. It’s ironic how the song’s title is called ‘marathon’, but it’s the complete opposite of what Day6 is saying. They want you to get to the destination without stress, don’t bother and feel like you’re behind just because everyone else got ahead of you. Put yourself in a timeline where you know you will get there and you will succeed in your goal without hurting yourself in the end. It’s okay to slow down, remember that.

Letting go

“I know, I know that we can no longer wish for a happy ending, Like the earth that hardens after the rain the pain is only temporary, one day you will meet someone who can make you happier. That is the kind of love you deserve. I have to say goodbye right now. ”

We often get discouraged when a difficult situation occurs in our lives, thinking that it could be the end of the world. Day6 tells a story about ending the person you love, but it doesn’t mean that the pain caused will be there forever, it can be cured with a little time and new love. They show maturity with their lyrics by letting go of the person they love, because it is for the better since they are no longer able to do anything to make them happy.


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