DAY6 release how they overcame the challenge and more


DAY6 is back with their new smaller than usual collection “The Book of Us: The Demon”! Melon Magazine imparted a meeting to the gathering, uncovering the individuals’ considerations on the new collection and how they manage the devils in their own lives.

The questioner started by getting some information about the story that they’re attempting to tell through the collection. Sungjin depicted the collection as communicating the unevenness that an evil presence can cause in one’s life. Wonpil likewise stressed the idea of lopsidedness as he reacted, “It resembles in ‘Day And Night,’ when one individual draws nearer then the other individual makes a stride back, and when my sentiments develop then the other individual’s emotions diminish. We needed to make music that acquires solace to individuals stuck that lopsidedness.”

Proceeding onward to the title track “Zombie,” Young K noticed that the tune is one that everybody living in present day society can identify with. “To everybody who feels like every day is the equivalent and that they’re living like a zombie, we needed to send the message that they’re not the only one in feeling along these lines,” he said.

The individuals likewise uncovered which individuals cause the most underhandedness in the gathering. Sungjin, Jae, and Dowoon chose Wonpil, who concurred with their decision. He shared an interesting story, saying, “If Dowoon is viewing a dramatization, regardless of whether it’s one I haven’t watched, I’ll come up to him and state ‘Gracious, that person is the guilty party!’ I get up to a ton of different tricks as well.” what’s more, Young K additionally picked Dowoon as a part who jokes around a great deal, clarifying how he will out of nowhere make the way for a room and begin moving.

The individuals quit fooling around again to talk about how they confront and beat their battles.

Sungjin conceded, “I used to think and stress a ton like in our tune ‘Apprehensive,’ yet since there’s heaps of times where it just gets more earnestly for me, I’m striving to serenely forget about my concerns like our tune ‘Stop.'”

Jae likewise raised the track ‘Apprehensive’ as he replied, “I think my reaction is like our tune ‘Worried.’ It’s difficult for me to nod off, so I’m thinking possibly this is on the grounds that I have a ton of stresses.”

Youthful K said that while he can’t coolly shake off his concerns, he’s not the sort to remain stuck in his feelings. “I feel those temperamental feelings completely and consider what sort of issue I’m having, and what I have to do to conquer that hardship, and afterward I put forth a valiant effort to defeat it,” he clarified.

Wonpil additionally admitted to not being the sort to simply get over his concerns. He broadly expounded by saying, “In the event that I figure I’ve fouled up to somebody or hurt somebody, at that point that day I’ll do a great deal of reflecting before I rest. I’ll let myself know, ‘I have to not do that next time.'”

Dowoon reacted that there are times where he tranquilly gets over his concerns, while different occasions he stresses a great deal.

The individuals at that point alternated suggesting tracks from the collection. Sungjin and Young K chose the title track “Zombie,” Jae picked “Day and Night,” and Wonpil picked “Love me or Leave me,” adding that he couldn’t imagine anything better than to play out the track live.

They wrapped up the meeting with sweet messages for their fans.

Youthful K remarked, “I need to state thank you for supporting us despite the fact that you’re confronting your own hardships. Since everything we can do is furnish you with great music and great exhibitions, we’ll put forth a valiant effort to do only that. I trust that your lives are brimming with wellbeing and joy.”

Dowoon included, “When you have great occasions, you’ll likewise have difficult situations, since your feelings are continually going near and around. Hold tight, everybody!”

Remember to look at DAY6’s new music video for “Zombie” here!