DAY6 prepares for the launch of its next unit


JYP has revealed in a statement that DAY6 will return in late August as a unit. The unit’s next album will reportedly include songs composed by Wonpil, Dowoon, and Young K.

JYP Entertainment commented:

It is true that DAY6 is returning as a unit. We are currently planning a launch towards the end of August. We will disclose more information later, including the exact date

Take a look at the fan comments below:

I guess those 3 want to continue with their musical activities until the others improve. It is good if this makes them happy, as some people may not be good or healthy to be on pause for a long time.

I hope Jae can get on with her YouTube stuff with fewer restrictions and have more overall company support for her solo stuff!

YAAASSSS! The maknae line as day6 unit are really the best boi😭 sungjin and jae should rest more and come back as healthy as ever!

Ok, can someone help me please? What does it mean as a unit? Isn’t it OT5?!?! I know about Sungjin and Jae … So they’re still in recovery? Will the album only sing Wonpil Dowoon and Youngk?

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