Day two: Did Diogo and Vanessa have sex in the country?


These two just couldn’t tear themselves away! Giving stars is always good for surprises. With the appearance of tattoo artist Diogo Sangre (27 years old) and his girlfriend Vanessa Mariposa (29 years old) the cards have changed. As newcomers, influencers were at the top of the list of victims for roommates, and these two did everything to save themselves. After that Wild and Vanessa had to let off steam in the shower!

In the task “in words” Diogo and Vanessa coped and were able to successfully complete the game. Back at the holiday home in Boholt, the web stars seemed to feel the need to celebrate their success properly: when they showered together, they seemed to get especially close. The camera caught suspicious movements and light moans as they apparently got closer. “We had to wash up, and of course we had to make sure it was thorough,” Vanessa chuckled in a subsequent interview. “But it was also very hot in the shower,” Diogo added, clearly pleased.

Vanessa and Diogo met in the TV series “Ex on the Beach”, but at that time did not leave the season as a couple. Even if the attraction arose from the moment the Austrian moved in, they announced their relationship only after that. Since then, they have become a couple and are inseparable.

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