Dawn Yangchen from “Avatar” hints at the theory of the main monk Gyatso


Warning: contains spoilers for The Dawn of Yangchen.

The latest novel “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, “The Dawn of Yangchen”, has been released, and it hints that the basic theory of the monk Gyatso is correct. Since Yanchen was born hundreds of years before the time of Gyatso, there is nothing that clearly connects them to each other. However, Yanchen’s actions towards the end of the story are connected with the popular theory about Gyatso to such an extent that they can even confirm it.

When Monk Gyatso’s skeleton was shown in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 1, not only were there no signs of damage from fire magic, but Gyatso was surrounded by skeletons of Fire Nation soldiers. These two factors don’t make much sense if the Fire Nation killed him, leading to the popular theory that Gyatso actually used his air magic to create an air vacuum and strangle the Fire Nation soldiers to death at the cost of his own life. At the moment, the theory is not confirmed, but Zahir in the Legend of Korra at least showed that air magic can be used to manipulate someone’s oxygen, so there is some reason for this.

Even more confirmation of this theory is given by the latest novel “Avatar: the Last Airbender” — “The Dawn of Yangchen”. In the climax of “Dawn of Yangchen,” Avatar Yangchen defeats every member of the Unanimity—a trio of Gorenje magicians working on the probe of the Shang system—using his air magic to erase all the air around them and make them suffocate until they lose. conscience. The technique is exactly the same as that of the Gyatso Monk, and if such a technique definitely exists, then it is even more likely that the theory that the Gyatso Avatar Monk used it against the Fire People is correct.

Why did air magic kill Monk Gyatso (but not Avatar Yanchen)

If the Avatar Yangchen and the Monk Gyatso really used the same air magic technique to create a vacuum of air, then the question arises why it would seem to kill Gyatso, but did not kill Yangchen. Based on the location of the Gyatso skeleton and the skeletons of the Fire Nation soldiers, Gyatso was right in front of the Fire Nation when he attacked them, but when Yangchen strangles Unanimity, it is explicitly mentioned that she is outside the room they are in. The juxtaposition between the two suggests that even an airbender is not immune to this technique, so Yangchen made sure that it was not within his reach before using it, whereas Gyatso probably didn’t have time to use it from a safe distance, so that led to him being killed by his own technology.

Although “The Dawn of Yangchen” is not directly related to “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, it confirms the basic theory about the monk Gyatso thanks to its titular character. Since the Yangchen Avatar can create a vacuum of air to suffocate people, this means that the theory that Gyatso does the same with the Fire Nation may be true. Author F.K. Yi also mentioned the connection between the two in an interview (via CBR), so with that in mind, it seems that the theory is almost completely confirmed at the moment.


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