David Pollack clarified his thoughts on the brawl between Bengal Rams and Rams


During a joint practice Thursday, Aaron Donald became the center of NFL headlines for swinging his helmet at Cincinnati Bengals players in a fierce brawl.

Some fans and analysts believe that the Los Angeles Rams superstar deserves to be disqualified for these actions. Others believe that the incident should simply be written off as a typical football competition.

Former NFL linebacker and current ESPN analyst David Pollack belongs to the second camp.

“It’s crazy what a big deal we are making out of this situation @AaronDonald97. I’ve done this many times. I’ve seen it many times. Football players fight a lot in training. Nope!” Pollack wrote on Twitter.

Personal income tax does not monitor behavior during training, even if it is a joint matter. If Donald gets disqualified, it will most likely come from his own Rams organization.

The Rams and Bengals will meet in a rematch for the Super Bowl during tomorrow’s preseason finale at 6 p.m. ET.


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