David Harbor Changed His Look on Stranger Things Because of Marvel


David Harbor: The world of movies and series is very busy and at times it is common for two or more releases by the same actor to coincide, as is the case with David Harbour. He brings the character Hopper to life in Netflix’s Stranger Things, and will also be featured in Marvel’s Black Widow solo film.

Being in two different productions, Harbor didn’t want fans to mix up roles and confuse his appearance. To solve the problem he found the solution in a drastic change in look: for Black Widow he will appear with long hair and a full beard, while in season 4 of Stranger Things his character will be almost bald and practically beardless. Understand more about the process!

Details on David Harbor’s move

Stranger Things’ character Hopper will be sent to a Russian prison in season 4 of the series. It could just be a random fact if it weren’t for Harbor’s role as Red Guardian in the movie Black Widow, a character that has its origins in Russia.

It was thanks to this interesting coincidence that Harbor had to think of a method to differentiate his work on Netflix and for Marvel. In addition to the haircut and beard, which already makes a huge difference in the actor’s look, he also revealed that he spoke with the film’s production so that the sets used to represent the Russian context were different, especially when it came to prisons, space that will focus on the 4th season of Stranger Things.

All of this was thought out so that viewers could differentiate the two productions in which Harbor will have a participation. The Black Widow’s solo film, in which the actor brings the Red Guardian to life, is slated to open in July 2021, but the new season of Stranger Things has yet to be released on Netflix.


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