David Fincher announces four-year partnership with Netflix


The partnership between Netflix and director / producer David Fincher will gain new chapters. According to information given by Fincher himself, he still has a four-year contract with the streaming platform for the production of new series and films.

Fincher’s most recent work, the film Mank, is scheduled to premiere on December 4 on Netflix.

David Fincher gave an interview to the Premiere website in which he commented that Mank is part of a long partnership he still has with Netflix.

Fincher said he was tired of the pace of work after leading two seasons of Mindhunter, so he spoke directly to Ted Sarandos and Cindy Holland – respectively CEO and VP of Content Acquisition for Netflix – to call for a more relaxed work pace.

“I am not absent for two years for a third season [of Mindhunter], I prefer to dedicate a year to a more modest project, to have the luxury of spending six months in pre-production to create two hours of content instead of 10”, declared Fincher. Netflix’s response was positive.

The director also completed revealing that he still has four more years of partnership.

“I have an exclusive contract with them for another four years. Depending on how Mank is received, I will discreetly see them to ask if I can redeem myself or appear as an arrogant idiot and demand to make more films in black and white ”, joked the producer.

In addition to Mank and Mindhunter, Fincher also produced, in partnership with Netflix, the hit House of Cards, and the anthological animation Love, Death & Robots, for which he was awarded at the Emmy Awards.

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