David de Gea’s Dismissive Attitude Towards The World Cup Takes a New Turn After Details of a Shocking Phone Call Emerged


While many of Manchester United’s stars will be with their countries at the World Cup, which starts in about three days, one player who will not be participating in the tournament is David de Gea.

De Gea was not named by Luis Enrique in Spain’s final squad for the World Cup.

He was not the only big striker who was disparaged by Sergio Ramos of PSG, also not included in the final list of 26 people.

Earlier this month, a report appeared indicating that the United defender had known months before that he was not part of Enrique’s plans and was determined to make a heartbreaking decision.

However, De Gea’s dismissive attitude took another strange turn after the shocking revelations made by the Spanish news agency El Chiringuito.

According to Jose Alvarez, De Gea received a call from the president of the Spanish Football Federation, who did not seem to know about his neglect.

Alvarez reports: “After De Gea was told that he would not be called up to the Spanish national team, he received a message from the president of the Federation, which said: David, I am glad that you have finally made the decision that you have made. I’m thinking [of retiring].”

To be clear, De Gea has not retired from international football.

Alvarez adds: “De Gea replied, ‘Excuse me? There is no renunciation of anything, who told you that I renounce anything? The coach told me he wasn’t going to count on me. But I’ve never given up on the national team and I’m not going to do it if I’m called up.”

The report also confirms that Enrique called the 32-year-old player and informed him that he was not taking him to Qatar because of reservations about his technical solutions.

These are the same doubts that most United fans have about De Gea, and which are the main stumbling block on the way to his immediate contract extension at Old Trafford.

It is said that de Gea was very surprised by the call and the circumstances that surrounded him.


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