David Bruckner to Sit in Hellraiser’s Director Chair


He starred in the remake of Clive Barker’s 1987 cult horror movie Hellraiser, David Bruckner, who was behind the productions such as The Ritual and The Night House, to recolor the movie.

It all started last year when Spyglass reached screenwriter David S. Goyer in relation to this project. Although Goyer, who contributed to the production of Blockner’s film The Night House, is not included in this remake, we believe that the script prepared by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, who previously worked with the director, will be good. In addition to the new Hellraiser, which the production company claims to be an original but evolved production, Spyglass is working on a classic like Scream.

Adapted from Clive Barker’s novel The Hellbound Heart, there is no clear information about the release date of the movie, but 2021 is anticipated as a time. We leave you alone with the trailer of the 1987 movie until new developments about the movie, which is intact for the director and screenwriter, at the moment.


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